In the old Serbian folklore, there are tales of fruit-bearing trees that guard the crossroads and orchards that accompany every traveler on his way. Fruits are not only good to satiate hunger and quench thirst, but also for making traditional drinks. Šljivovica is the drink of stoutly men and the brandy, made of quince, pears, apples, apricots or grapes, is flavourful like a virgin’s first love. Medovača, a type of brandy made of apples and sweetened with honey smelles like the wide pastures of Serbia. Travarica is a type of alcohol with medicinal use, made of grapes and medicinal herbs, lincura is made of grapes and Gentiana, and orahovača is a type of drink made from the bitter cores of green nuts. Taverna Sarbului allows you to taste them all. Or, if you prefer, you can accompany your dishes with the thick, noble wine of the Montenegrins Vranac si Krstač.


Sauvignon Blanc Prestige Segarcea
Sauvignon Blanc Purcari
Chardonnay Sole Cramele Recas
Tamaioasa Romaneasca Budureasca
Cramposie Selectionata Avincis Dragasani
Fume Buduresca
Rusalca Alba Cramele Oprisor
Solo Quinta Cramele Recas


Roze Terra Romana
Rose Purcari Republica Moldova
Tamaioasa Roza Segarcea
Roze, Crama Ratesti
Roze Premium, Budureasca
Roze, Floare de Luna, Halewood Wines
Roze Sole, Cramele Recas


Feteasca Neagra, Crama Ratesti
Feteasca Neagra Floare de luna, Private Reserve
Feteasca Neagra Caloian, Crama Oprisor
Merlot Prince Mircea
Merlot Prince Matei
Cabernet Sauvignon Prestige Segarcea
Pinot Noir Prestige Segarcea
Feteasca Neagra, Patima Serii, Vardo Segarcea
Shiraz Budureasca
Rara Neagra Purcari, Republica Moldova
Dragaica Rosie Cramele Oprisor